DIY Storage For The Tot In Your Life

Kids are messy. No matter how hard you try, if you have kiddos running around it is nearly impossible to keep the place clean. This is why storage is a must. And storage that appeals to your kids will give them even more of a reason to want to clean up! Below we have five easy storage ideas that can get even the fussiest tot excited to clean.

DIY Library Corner


Have a child who loves to read? Or maybe you just want to instill the value of reading at a young age? Either way a library corner is the perfect way to keep all of the books organized. All you need is a free corner in your child’s room or playroom, vinyl rain gutters, end caps, and wood screws.

Cut the vinyl to size, add the end caps so your kiddies don’t hurt themselves on the sharp corners, and hang the gutters at kid level so they can pick the books out themselves.

Add a colorful beanbag chair or a few small seats for your children and you have a perfect place to store all of their books.

For more information on materials and steps go to Cheerios & Lattes

Lego Storage and Play Table


Have you ever stepped on a Lego? If not then you have been blessed with not feeling one of the most annoyingly painful feelings in the world. If you are sick and tired of finding Legos all around your house, consider making this inexpensive Lego Storage Table.

The table simply made of 3 plastic draws, a 4 foot board, and a couple of cute stools. Adhere to board to two of the plastic draws, and keep the third loose so you can pull it in and out when the kids use the table.

To stay even more organized, you can organize each draw with specific colored Legos.

It is such an easy way to keep all of the Legos in one place, plus kids your kids will love having a place to build their Legos without being moved. It’s a win-win!

For more information on this play table go to Our Wee Family.

Photo Credit: Our Wee Family

Animal Storage Jars


When you have small children, art supplies are everywhere. With animal storage jars, your kids will want to put their crayons and colored pencils back where they belong.

All you need are different sized mason jars, those animal figurines you have laying around the house, a hot glue gun (or super glue) and some paint.

Paint the figurines and the jar lids solid bright colors and then simply glue the animal to the lid and voilà!

The best part is that this project is easy enough to do with your own little helper, letting it double as a fun activity to do on a winter’s day!

Find out more at Cool Mom Picks

Photo Credit: Cool Mom Picks

Hide Your Storage


Are you sick and tired of seeing the messy shelves full of toys and games? There is a really easy solution to this: curtains.

Simply place a tension rod in the top shelf and add a cute curtain… It is that easy!

Don’t believe me? Go to Plumberry Pie to see more!

Photo Credit: Plumberry Pie

Game Board Storage Art


Sick and tired of pulling out a game on family game night just to find that some of the pieces are missing? Then this is for you! All you need are 1 x 4 wood boards, a table saw, a miter saw, spray paint, 3m sticky back hooks, and some nails/staples.

Simply measure the game board of your choice, and cut the wood to size. Spray paint it the color of your choice and nail together.

Or, if that’s too much work for you, simply customize a frame to fit the game board!

Then place all of your game pieces in a plastic baggie and tape it to the back of the board. Now you have art that doubles as a fun family game board!

For exact directions on how to make a DIY frame go to Infarrantly Creative.


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