Repurpose for a Purpose!

All too often, the master bedroom is the last place in the home that receives any TLC. You want your kitchen and living room to always look pristine because guests often see it, but the master suite is your getaway so no one ever sees it except for you. You are not alone in your outdated bedroom, this mentality is common among those who do not have the time or money to redo the entire master suite.

I understand that it is hard to put aside enough time to redo the entire room, but I can promise that you will feel a lot better when your room is an oasis again, instead of just a place where you hide from the kids. Below are tips and tricks to turning breathing new life into you old furniture. In this blog we will discuss how to turn an old dresser into a brand new master piece.

There are plenty of ways to reuse your old bedroom furniture, as well as incorporate “new” used furniture into it. One way to repurpose a thrift store dresser with sticky drawers it to make it into a decorative storage box.

Photo Courtesy  of “Two it Yourself”

All you need for this is an old draw, 4 wooden legs that you can get from any home improvement store, some paint, and some decorative contact paper.

First paint the draw and legs entirely of the color of your choice, (be sure to sand off any existing stain prior to painting.) Once you have let the paint dry, place the contact paper on the inside walls of the “box.”

Once that is complete, simply screw on the 4 legs and voilà! You now have yourself an adorable storage box for the end of your bed.

For full instruction go to Two It Yourself!

Now that your old dresser is missing a set of drawers, what do you do with the rest of it? Well, if the rest of the dresser is in good shape, then consider painting the rest of the drawers to match the storage box, and then staining the top a natural wood color. Then use the contact paper that you used in the storage box to cover a piece of plywood that goes where bottom drawers used to sit. Get decorative baskets to match the wood stain and new knobs to spruce it up and you will suddenly have a brand new dresser!

The entire remodel is broken down into steps on the blog Urban Patina.

Photo Courtesy of Urban Patina

If you also have room for a larger dresser in your room, a great way to repurpose it is to turn it into an entertainment center.

The dresser below was bought for $50 on Craigslist and Two Twenty One turned it into a gorgeous new storage and entertainment center. The full instructions are on Two Twenty One’s site, but in short you simply need a sander, some paint, some plywood, and some new knobs and you have an entirely new place to put your TV. dresser+tv+standI hope you can find some inspiration from these projects, and turn your master suite into the palace you deserve!


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