Old Dressers, New Looks

There are so many ways that you can upcycle an old dresser and make it into something entirely new. Whether its a dresser that is simply out of date or if its a piece of junk from a flea market that has good bones, you can turn it into a masterpiece with a little elbow grease.

Here are some great ideas for how to upcycle that old dresser!

Photo Credit: DressyIsle

Wait, is that an island made from an old dresser…..? You bet it is! I saw this on Etsy and was super bummed when I realized that is had already sold for just $379.00. But on the bright side, something like this won’t be too hard to make. Give an old dresser a new paint job, a stained top, and some new knobs and you have your very own kitchen island.

Photo Credit: Clover-Lane

This right here is one of my favorite ideas yet! This is something that could very easily be made from one of those junky dressers with great bones you find at a yard sale or flea market. All you need for this is some paint, 4 wicker baskets, and some name tags and you suddenly have a cute yet organized place to keep all of your kids art projects and school papers!

Photo Credit: Forever in Pursuit

I live off of coffee. I have my trusty to-go mug in hand all day, every day so this rehabbed dresser really caught my eye. Every coffee lover needs a little barista bar to make that perfect cup every morning. Here is an adorable idea on how to create a coffee nook for everyday use.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

There is nothing cuter than a refurbished dresser in a nursery, especially one that can grow with age. This baby blue dresser created by Apartment Therapy is the cutest way to store your little one’s clothes and toys.


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